Gain Freedom from Fixated

Introversion into MEST

For eons, man has speculated and guessed about the nature of the
Physical Universe.  There have been many opinions and much
discussion.  Even the modern physicist, with his many names and
labels, is still in the dark when it comes to how it got here and
why.  Before Scientology, the exact truth about the MEST Universe
was lost, and the way out of the trap unknown.  Lies and
misinformation had taken the place of the truth.

In 1967, L. Ron Hubbard released Section V of the Operating Thetan
Course, the most powerful level released up to that time.  On OT V
you learn the truth about the Physical Universe, not the laws of
physical scientists, but the basic considerations about Matter,
Energy, Space and Time.

The tremendous power that this universe -seems to have over thetans
resulting in entrapment, degradation and death, is traced to its

source.  As you exteriorize from the Physical Universe at Section
V. you discover exactly what MEST is, and become free of its laws.

At OT V, a Being is re-familiarized as a thetan exterior with the
Physical Universe.  OT drills are done to remarkably increase a
Being's ability to communicate with his environment.  He is now
able to do so, totally free of the mind and body, and free from a
fixated introversion into MEST.

Solo auditing on this level serves as an introduction to the
rehabilitation of his total abilities as a thetan.  He learns to
-use his new abilities Is a thetan with wisdom and judgment.


Pre OT is to lie down in a comfortable position with eyes shut.

(1)  Spot a spot in the room.
(2)  Spot a spot in your body.

Alternate 1 and 2 until commands are flat then,

(3)  Spot two spots in your body.
(4)  Spot two spots outside.

Alternate 3 and 4 until flat then,

(5)  Spot a spot outside.
(6)   Spot a spot  on  the  sun.

(Notice the distance between.)

(7)  Spot  two  spots   outside.
(8)  Spot two spots on the sun.

(Notice what happens.)

The pre OT may exteriorize during these drills but doesn't
necessarily have to.

While still inside with eyes shut in a comfortable position the
pre-OT is to follow the following commands and write down any
major cognitions.

(9)   Spot an object in the-room.
(10)   Spot  an  object  outside.
(11)   Locate  a  moving  object.
(12)   Locate a spot in your body.
(13)   Spot  a  motion.
(14)   Locate  a space.
(15)   Spot  a  Thetan.

Continue   the  above steps until major cognition, very good

indicators or exteriorization occurs.

The following steps are done outside.  The pre OT takes a paper
and pencil with him to take notes.

1.  The pre-OT is to put his attention on an object that is ahead
of him like a parked car, lamp post, etc. and walk towards it
noticing the distance between him and it.  He is to continue to do
this until cognition.

2.  Next the pre-OT is to again pick out an object ahead of him
and wrap in energy beam around it and himself and pull himself
toward the object with shortening of the beam.

Notice what happens.

3.  Locate an object, draw energy from it into you.  Repeat at
least ten times.

Note any cognitions.

4.  Locate an object as above and walk toward it.  Notice what is
holding you to it.

5.  Notice a cloud and notice the space between you and it.

6.  Notice your body.

7.  Notice the motion of the earth and your relationship to it.

8.  Notice something about 10 people.

Do all the above steps to a cognition.

Note:  Originally it was not necessary to be exteriorized in order
to do OT V or VI 6.  Recently however, it has been changed and the
state of exteriorization is supposed to be achieved by OT 4
thereby leaving OT V and VI to be done while exterior.