Each of the following processes are run to a

(1)  Floating needle
(2)  Major cognition
(3)  Regained ability.

(Preferably all three together as the ideal end.  End Phenomena.)

Be  Three feet in back of your head.  Whatever you are looking at,
copy it a dozen times, put it into you.  Find the two back corners
of the room and hold onto them without thinking for two minutes.

Find two corners of the planet Earth, hold onto them for two

Find a place where you are not.
Spot three spots in your body.
Spot three spots in the room.

Be in the following places:
The room, the sky, the moon, the sun.

Locate an animal .. postulate him moving from one spot to another.
Observe him doing this.

Find a walking man ... postulate his walking faster.  Do this with
20 people.

Find a walking person .. postulate that he will stop, then
continue walking.  Do this 20 times.

Find a person in a distant land.  Notice the time of  day.  Notice
the terrain.  Notice the general environment.  Smell the air.
Locate a thought that is his.  Locate a thought that is yours.
Continue until flat.
'Notice differences between you and your body.

Create in your body a feeling of calmness;  create in your body
sexual desire and turn it off.  Continue that step until you  feel
you have control over the sexual drives.  Create in the body a
feeling of pain.  Create in the body a feeling of serenity.  Do
the above until flat.  Create in the body a feeling of hunger  and
turn it off.  Continue this step until you are in control of
hunger drives.
The end result of these particular drills is the regained ability
to control the body and its sensations.
Now:  Postulate Anger, boredom, grief, cheerfulness and serenity -
-- in that order.  This is continued until you are sure that you
can create any emotion.

Finally, exteriorized visit a friend who lives in another state.

Greet him and flow affinity to him.  Ask him to communicate to you

by letter.

End of OT VI